An Insight Into the Dhan Kesar Lotto Draws

Dhan Kesari Lotto is a lottery drawing which is a drawing for kids and is conducted at the local school. As the name suggests, the drawing is conducted on a daily basis so that it is not observed in one or two days as in traditional drawings. However, the lottery is carried out on a small scale with some local organizers. The winning numbers are announced on a particular day of the month and this is followed by the distributing of the prize money among the winners and the organizers. Also check lottery sambad today result.

The Basic Rule

It is not difficult to win the Dhan Kesar Lotto. The basic rule of the game is that the person who gets the highest number among the seven numbers drawn wins. These seven numbers are given out once every month to all the children enrolled in the school. Once the child reaches the age of five, he or she can participate in the drawing for his or her chance to win. There is no special skill needed to win. All you need to do is to have the required numbers. As mentioned earlier, the winning numbers are announced on a particular day of the month.

The local organizers who run this drawing will announce the results of the drawing on the first of every month. The drawing of Dhan Kesar Lotto Sambad has an element of luck attached to it as there is no direct connection between the numbers and the winning numbers. Even though luck plays a role, it is not so strong that it determines the winner. The key thing is that the numbers chosen are randomly selected.

As the result of the selection process, the winners are announced on the same day. This gives the children a chance to enjoy a nice and peaceful day. The money which the children win is distributed between the organizers and the children are free to spend their money as they wish. Check lottery sambad old results


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